Streamlining Grievance Communication with the EMMA Grievance Email System

Bill Harrison
Published: April 24, 2023
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One of the most important responsibilities a union has to its members is to enforce their collective bargaining agreement through a strong and efficient grievance management system.

And we are proud that EMMA has one of the best grievance management systems on the market.

But what really distinguishes the EMMA grievance system is its email capability.  With it, union representatives and grievance managers can easily and quickly send emails regarding a grievance to employer contacts, other union staff members, or union members.  And when responses to those emails are received, EMMA automatically logs the emails, including all attachments, to EMMA’s permanent grievance file.  The result is that everything regarding a grievance is safe and secure and easy to find in one place.  If a grievance goes to arbitration, attorneys can find everything they need in one spot, so they can be ready for an arbitration quickly and easily.

How does all of this work?  Here’s a quick summary:

EMMA maintains a library of standard email templates that are used for grievance communication.  Customers can modify these templates or add their own templates during their EMMA implementation.


  • All emails regarding grievances are consistent, professional, and accurate.
  • Templates are easily selected by a grievance administrator.  No more typing out emails each time or mailing hard copy grievance letters.

Each grievance in EMMA has its own unique email address.  Responses go to this address and grievance admins can easily forward any relevant emails to the unique address of the grievance where they will be added to the permanent grievance file.


  • All grievance communication is in one place where it is easy to review.  No more digging through individual email inboxes and paper files to compile everything related to a grievance.
  • Any email, regardless of its source, can be easily forwarded to EMMA and stored with the appropriate grievance.  All email attachments get stored too.

Grievance admins can easily attach documents to grievance emails directly from the EMMA document module.  


  • Easy, quick, and secure storage of every document associated with a grievance, regardless of format.
  • Upload, store, and email attachments of virtually any format, pdf documents, word documents, images…even audio and video files.

The bottom line is that using the EMMA Grievance Email System reduces administrative costs and improves the quality and consistency of grievance communication, increasing the odds of winning a grievance and increasing the dollars recovered for members.

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