EMMA Product Update – May 2024

Bill Harrison
Published: May 22, 2024

April was a big month for the EMMA development team. We made 10 new production product releases that included over 50 changes and enhancements to EMMA. This is the largest number of enhancements we have ever made in a single month. We focused on a wide variety of configuration changes, fixes, and enhancements, and we onboarded two new EMMA customers during the month. Here are some highlights:

EMMA Member Management

  • We enhanced the EMMA Importer to better handle the importing of new Work Location information.
  • We enhanced EMMA People Management to better facilitate large exports of more than 2,000 records.

EMMA Grievance Management

  • The team corrected an issue that was preventing a Union Rep’s telephone extension from populating correctly in Grievance Email System templates.

EMMA Membership Accounting

  • We enhanced how EMMA processes Billing Profiles with a Monthly frequency to ensure that the Dues Start Date is set correctly.
  • We corrected an issue that was preventing a Payment Batch from being exported for customers that do not use SSN as a member identifier.

If you would like to learn more about any of these features and see how EMMA might benefit your Local, please complete this Contact Form.

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