EMMA Product Update – March 2024

Bill Harrison
Published: March 28, 2024

During February, the EMMA team made six new production releases to EMMA. These releases contained 10 feature enhancements and fixes as well as approximately 8 individual customer configuration changes. Here are the highlights:

EMMA Membership Accounting

We focused most of our efforts in February on refining and enhancing the EMMA Membership Accounting System to make the product more flexible and feature-rich.

  • We enhanced the way EMMA handles deleted payment batches so that non-deleted charges that are related to deleted payments are correctly unlinked.
  • We changed the way EMMA processes returning members so that members who went inactive prior to the conversion to EMMA, regardless of age, are processed correctly.
  • We improved the way EMMA applies unapplied payments so that it captures all unapplied payments regardless of type or date entered.
  • We changed the way that EMMA tracks fees so that it now correctly summarizes total fee payments per member on the member record.

If you would like to learn more about any of these features and see how EMMA might benefit your Local, please complete this Contact Form.

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