EMMA Product Update – April 2024

Bill Harrison
Published: April 18, 2024

During March, the EMMA team made four new production releases to EMMA. These releases contained 5 new features and feature enhancements, 11 fixes, and 3 individual customer configuration changes. Here are the highlights:

EMMA Member Management

  • We added a filter in the People module that allows users to sort people based on their full-time or part-time employment status.
  • We changed the way that EMMA stores and manages Work Location Names and Work Location Codes so that they are displayed consistently and reported consistently in People Management.
  • We enhanced the EMMA Document Scanner to display additional member details when a search results is more than one person.

EMMA Membership Accounting

  • We added data validation rules to the EMMA Membership Accounting module to prevent the introduction of bad data when adding member records or editing existing member records through the EMMA importer, status change queue, manual new member wizard, and member edit screens.

If you would like to learn more about any of these features and see how EMMA might benefit your Local, please complete this Contact Form.

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